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For a certain subset of people, Adult Swim has got to be the greatest television channel ever.  It's a never ending stream of both of super shot"so brilliant it's brilliant" shows and an equal amount of so "awful it's brilliant shows."  Every show may not be a hit for every viewer, but it seems like every single one finds an audience.  

Adult Swim Games is sort of the gaming equivalent of it's parent channel.  It's full of short edgy browser-based and mobile games.

Today Adult Swim Games would like everyone to know about the newest game from Noel Berry called Broken Robot Love.  It's browser-based and you can visit Adult Swim Games right now to play it.

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A spoiled child carelessly tosses his broken robot toy into the trash, cruelly ignoring the fact that the poor robot was programmed to love. The determined little robot travels through perilous landscapes to reach his owner once again. Braving fiery pits and scary ghosts, the little broken robot that could will stop at nothing to reach his goal. And he does it all to melancholy music so you know how forlorn he really is.

The latest release from Adult Swim Games, Broken Robot Love is created by Noel Berry.

Game Description:

One brave robot is determined to return to his ungrateful human owner. Scale lava pits, leap across cliffs, and manipulate lasers in this heartfelt robotic journey.

Play Broken Robot Love!
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