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Early 00s metal band Breaking Benjamin is now a part of both Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero. Their track pack Includes the songs "Sooner or Later," "Until the End" and "Give Me A Sign." As an added bonus, 360 owners will get to rock out with Breaking Benjamin through Xbox Live on February 20th. Check the press release for full details on that and the Guitar Hero VIP Pass.

The 360 track pack costs 440 MS points, and the songs are sold individually for $1.99 and 200 Wii Points on the PS Network and Wii Shop Channel respectively. I'm happy to see Breaking Benjamin finally getting their due in music games, but why isn't "So Cold" in that track pack?
Three new songs are now available for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero from alt-metal rockers – Breaking Benjamin. The Pennsylvania-based quartet arrived in 2002 with their critically-acclaimed debut album and wasted no time establishing themselves as a vital new voice in modern rock. Breaking Benjamin has since released three additional albums, each taking new risks and introducing new melodic gems full of cryptic, evocative lyrics.

The Breaking Benjamin Track Pack features “Sooner or Later,” from their 2004 album We Are Not Alone, and “Until The End,” from the band’s third album Phobia. The Breaking Benjamin Track Pack also includes the band’s newest single, “Give Me A Sign,” from their recently-released Dear Agony album.

Additionally, gamers can play with Breaking Benjamin on Xbox LIVE on February 20 from 1 – 3pm EST in an exciting new Game with Fame. Fans who would like to participate will need to download the Breaking Benjamin Track Pack and look for the following Gamertag online:

Gamertag: BBGWF

For more information on the Game with Fame featuring Breaking Benjamin, head to

The Breaking Benjamin Track Pack is now available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 440 Microsoft Points, from the PlayStation Store for $5.49 and the Wii Shop Channel for 550 Wii Points. The three songs are also available as single downloads for Xbox 360 for 160 Microsoft Points, PlayStation 3 for $1.99 and Wii for 200 Wii Points each.

Gamers on the Xbox 360 can also preview and download new music via the Guitar Hero VIP Pass, which provides a convenient way for users to expand their Guitar Hero music library without having a game disc in the console. Head to the following URL to download the Guitar Hero VIP Pass: or find it in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace from the Xbox 360 dashboard.
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