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Breach gets a new website and why you should care about Breach

by: Chuck -
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One of my great regrets of PAX East was not getting a chance to play Breach.  I didn't play the a-hole media card to cut in line ahead of people at the booth but I did stay and watch others play the online shooter a bit between appointments.  The game features some very nice looking maps with a lot of heavy firefights.  It will remind a lot of people of Modern Warfare 2/Battlefield Bad Company 2 which is a complement as the game will cost only a quarter of what those AAA titles cost. 

If you want to see some of what I'm talking about head over to the game's official website to check out some screens from the game.  There's not a lot of other content on the site right now but I'm guessing they'll be adding more goodies as the game gets closer to release.