Brand new screen shots for WWE2K14!

by: Nathan -
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Earlier this week we got the details of The Ultimate Warrior joining the cast of WWE2K14 as a pre-order bonus and 2K games has kindly sent us some new screen shots of the game. 

In the new screen shots we get to see entrance photos from Dolph Ziggler, who looks like he has his butt jiggle now, Randy Savage sporting an amazing coat, The Rock with his fist high in the air and Ultimate Warrior running around the ring. We also got a few more screen shots including a new OMG! finishing move involving the ring post and Randy Savage's perfect elbow drop from the top rope. Finally we were given roster artwork for the announced superstars in the game. 

Remember to pre-order WWE2K14 as Ultimate Warrior is currently only available as a pre-order bonus and be sure to check back as more info is announced. If 2K games follows THQ's tradition, tons of info should be coming when Summer Slam draws near. 

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