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Companies send out press releases for seemingly everything these days. "Acme Company annouces Don Ho to be Pa-Pacific Coordinator of colored copy paper" or "Widget Co. Institutes bagel friday for 3rd floor dev team in Wichita, Kansas". Weeding through these releases on a daily basis makes you wonder who writes all these things.

So, when another boring one came out today I had to take a quick look before I realized how important it was. PopCap, developer/publisher of dozens of casual and web-based games has announced a partnership with Sometrics. No, they're not a developer or publisher, they partner with sponsors who create opportunities that provide gamers with in-game currency for participating in special offers.

We've all seen these special offers associated with Facebook games by Zynga, et al. While they can be annoying, the offer the user an opportunity to enrich the gameplay experience without opening your wallet. For a lot of people, free games make up much of their gaming these days. Giving them a way to play those games longer, or get more out of them without up front cost can be a real boon for some players.

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Sometrics Helps Nexon and PopCap Online Gamers Earn Free Currency
Leading Game Monetization Company to Provide Free-to-Play Giants Optimized and Targeted Offers for Maximum Player Engagement, Advertiser Success and Resulting Revenue

LOS ANGELES - May 12, 2010 - Millions of players of several popular online games don't need a credit card to earn credits for purchasing premium items. Announcing two new partnerships, Sometrics will provide the player communities ofNexon America and PopCap Games with opportunities to earn free in-game currency through participation in offers powered by the company's proprietary Offer Solution.

With targeted offers from trusted brands such as AT&T, Netflix, NBC, Disney and more, Sometrics provides online gamers with the chance to earn virtual currency without opening their pocketbooks. By participating in a variety of consumer surveys, high-value subscriptions, e-commerce shopping and more, players earn virtual cash while advertisers achieve a prolonged attention from a target demographic.  The Sometrics Offer Solution enjoys a global reach of more than 4,000 ads across hundreds of games, and achieves effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) as high as $700-$900.

"Sometrics couldn't be happier lending our proven skill sets in offer-based solutions to the massive audiences behind the free-to-play games of Nexon and PopCap, and we're sure their players will enjoy an easy, convenient way to earn in-game currency for free," said Ian Swanson, Sometrics co-founder and CEO.  "The Sometrics Offer Solution platform is built for optimization, so we can deliver a variety of offers in the most efficient and effective way possible."

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