Boggle completes initial Hasbro Family Game Night offering

by: Dan -
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EA announced today that Boggle is joining Sorry, Battleship, Connect Four, Scrabble, Yahtzee and Sorry Sliders in the Hasbro Family Game Night room. With the addition of Boggle, all of the originally announced titles are finally available to enjoy. We had a chance to play Boggle a bit at CES in the EA Casual booth during CES in the Kids@Play area.  In addition to the classic version of Boggle, there are also Advanced, Custom and “Word Hunt” modes.  Boggle can be downloaded through the Hasbro Family Game Night room right now for 800 MS Points.

Now that the originally announced lineup has been released, it will be interesting to see if EA Casual announces any future titles at E3 next week.  Some titles that I would like to see brought into the Hasbro Family Game Night room include Candy Land, Clue, Risk, Axis and Allies and my personal favorite, The Game of Life.
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