Blockbuster escapes death grip and plans to keep open 1,500 stores

by: Dan -
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I have been beating the drum to leave Blockbuster in the dust for the better part of 10 months now, but surprisingly, they have yet to fold.  Today, they announced that after the bankruptcy restructuring and liquidation, Blockbuster will be able to keep open 1,500 stores that were originally slated for closure.

With Netflix pissing off much of their loyal customer base with massive fee increase, Blockbuster is looking to capitalize by swooping in and stealing Netflix customers with their Blockbuster Total Access package.  This deal allows Blu-ray discs at no additional fee, 28-day head start on new releases and the ability to rent games for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, also with no additional cost.  What it doesn’t offer is integrated streaming, but for $7.99 streaming at Netflix and the $9.99 1-Disc or $14.99 2-Disc out at a time with Blockbuster, you actually get a lot more value (and options) for your dollar than  going it alone with Netflix and/or GameFly.  I am still a bit leery of a company coming off an unhealthy bankruptcy, but these guys may be the exception and come all the way back from the dead.

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