Blizzard says LAN support for StaCraft II has no chance

by: John -
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I know a ton of players love to play StarCraft with their friends in the same room and sometimes, you don't have an Internet connection to do this. I know when we do LAN parties, the least part we are concerned about is an outside Internet connection. Well, Blizzard has confirmed to CVG that there will not be any LAN mode and you have to be connected to play StarCraft II. Now, we don't know if this accounts for single player as well but if that's the case, ugh.

I am pretty disappointed by this fact that LAN was removed and I don't feel that you should make players go online if you want to spend some time together in the same room to play the game. This seems like how the industry is going though, which is a little sad for me to see. In any case, let's hope that you don't have to be connected to the Internet to play the single player portion because we all know how well that's working with Command & Conquer 4.
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