Blizzard fail: Starcraft II CD key problems

by: Tina -
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Would-be Starcraft II players: lest you do as I have done and waste a frustrating block of your life on hold with Blizzard customer support (1 hour, to be precise), let me crack an egg of knowledge on your head. Having problems with your Starcraft II CD Key constantly being declined, no matter how carefully you enter it in? I had this same problem, and according to the customer support rep I finally spoke to, it is a common problem.

When the customer support rep asked me to read my key, she stopped me at the first letter and immediately knew what was wrong. Turns out, what at first may look like an unassuming “A,” can actually be a treasonous “H,” aided in its deception by the low-hanging “g” from “Wings of Liberty” printed right above it. 

Note to Blizzard: Hey guys, if it’s such a common problem, why not give us a hint in the error message (or the forums, or by smoke signal, whatever)?

Check it out: 

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