Blizzard considering StarCraft II for the consoles

by: John -
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I've never been a fan of RTS games on the console just because I never did find the controls that much fun compared to the PC. Well, with all these motion controllers coming out, this might change my stance as I can see using the Move or Natal might provide a better way to interact with RTS games.

That said, Blizzard's Chris Sigaty, lead designer of StarCraft II, has said they are considering the move of the game to the console. It's not something that's going to happen anytime soon but it's something Blizzard is exploring. It's not like they need to do this for popularity sake but it would open up the series to a whole new slew of gamers. 

-Update- As  Nathan pointed out, franchise is the wrong word as StarCraft has appeared on the consoles before. I've changed the word to game instead.
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