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CDV sends word that they will be sending Blitzkrieg: Anthology to stores on June 27th. The pack will include the original game and the two expansion packs (Rolling Thunder and Burning Horizon). Collectively the package will contain about 150 single and multiplayer maps covering most of the major engagements from WWII.
CDV’s Blitzkrieg Anthology Challenges: “Why Just Read About History… When You Can Make It?”

June 14, 2005

CDV Software Entertainment USA today announced that the Blitzkrieg Anthology, an all-in-one collection of critically acclaimed World War II strategy titles for the PC, is set to ship to North American retail outlets on June 27.

The affordably priced Blitzkrieg Anthology will pack a wallop of gameplay enjoyment in the form of the original Blitzkrieg game, two of the game’s most popular expansion packs – Burning Horizon (featuring Field Marshal Rommel’s exploits) and Rolling Thunder (following the footsteps of General Patton) – and the brand-new Iron Division expansion.

Collectively, the Blitzkrieg Anthology will provide endless hours of enjoyment for strategy gamers, as they employ more than 200 diverse vehicles and combat units in over 150 challenging single- and multi-player missions straight from the pages of World War II history.

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CDV Software Entertainment AG is dedicated to publishing and distributing top-notch war and strategy games worldwide. The publicly traded company, founded and headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, has its North American offices located in New Jersey and North Carolina. As publisher of critically acclaimed titles like Codename: Panzers, Divine Divinity, American Conquest, Sudden Strike, Combat Mission, Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars and the Blitzkrieg series, CDV is Europe’s leading publisher of PC strategy titles.
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