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CDV has released a demo of their upcoming RTS game Blitzkrieg 2 which you down download from the official website. The 276MB demo includes one sample mission from each of the three campaigns in the game.
CDV Software Entertainment today released a single player demo for its highly anticipated WWII RTS - Blitzkrieg 2. The 276MB demo, available at, offers players a taste of all three exciting campaigns included in the game. The included missions are:
German campaign: "Swift Justice," which has the player battling against France and Great Britain in May 1940
U.S. campaign: "Rail Wars," which has gamers fighting the Germans in March 1945
Russian campaign: "Two Stalingrad Strongholds," a mission from January 1943 where gamers will take on German troops
In development by Nival Interactive, Blitzkrieg 2 takes everything gamers loved about the original game and kicks it up to a whole new level. Players take on the role of German, American and Russian WWII battlefield commanders modeled after their real-world counterparts as they command more than 250 types of historically accurate troops, including 60 varieties of ground infantry. A new, fully 3D graphics engine displays battlefield action in all its visual glory as Russian Katyusha rocket launchers light up the night sky with fiery rocket volleys, Stuka bombers drop their deadly payloads on ground units and artillery annihilates opposing structures.Historic conflicts are fought through more than 80 missions, including 15 multiplayer maps, while a powerful mod engine allows gamers to create their own single missions or fully linked campaigns. Whether fighting in the jungles of the Pacific, the endless Steppe of the Eastern Front, the unforgiving deserts of Northern Africa, or the treacherous forests of the frozen Ardennes, players will enjoy the ultimate World War II RTS experience in Blitzkrieg 2. For more information, please visit

CDV Software Entertainment is dedicated to publishing and distributing top-notch war and strategy games worldwide. The publicly traded company, founded and headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, has its North American offices located in New Jersey and North Carolina. As publisher of critically acclaimed titles like Codename: Panzers, Divine Divinity, American Conquest, Sudden Strike, Combat Mission, Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars and the Blitzkrieg series, CDV is Europe’s leading publisher of PC strategy titles.
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