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Imagine living life as a mystical crystal whose job it is to pop paint bubbles all day while listening to music. Sound like a good life? I didn't think so either, but it's a pretty good video game. Blitz 1UP has signed to publish Ongaku, a game summed up nicely by my first sentence. Blitz will be adding this game to their expanding lineup, providing the independant Smashmouth Games with a way to get the word out and increase sales. It also gave them the ability to add 11 new levels and a level maker.

Further, Smashmouth has announced a gamer club. While I don't know all the details, one of the perks is getting your name in the credits of their video games. While this is something I've always thought would be awesome, and something I'd hope to earn one day; I'd be willing to get it in a way as simple as signing up for a club.
Blitz 1UP signs SmashMouth Games’ music sensation Ongaku
1 JUNE 2010 LEAMINGTON SPA, UK Blitz 1UP, an initiative run by UK developer Blitz Games Studios, has signed up music game Ongaku – a the tenth  game in its ever-expanding catalogue. Developed by SmashMouth Games, Ongaku is set for worldwide release on PC with other platforms to be confirmed.
Ongaku is a 2D rhythm action game combining an original score and stylized artwork. Players take the role of the magic crystal Ongaku and progress through the fantasy kingdom of Melody by popping paint bubbles in time to the music. If successfully popped, the paint bubbles reveal an artistic masterpiece, bringing the canvas to life with its unique artwork. There are endless possibilities with a wide range of features to customise and share your experience:
·         11 brand new lusciously animated levels, each with their own new music theme.
·         Create your own levels with The Melody Maker, where you can import your favourite music track, picture or video.
·         Share the levels you’ve created with your friends and see their creations.
·         Auto-generate playable levels from your imported media using the Tune-O-Matic.
·         Five difficulty settings allow you to enjoy playing whatever your level of expertise.
The Flash prototype of Ongaku won the prestigious Armor Games Rhythm Action Competition and was then nominated for Game of the Year 2007 on the international website Newgrounds.
This is also the start of the SmashMouth Games Gamers Club; anyone who joins via their website ( can enjoy a variety of different perks including the opportunity to get their name in the credits of their games, such as Ongaku.
“We’re really looking forward to working with SmashMouth Games on bringing this fantastic new version of Ongaku to market,” says Chris Swan, Blitz 1UP Business Development Director. “With its unique audio-based gameplay, eye-catching graphics and impressive social features, Ongaku will breathe new life into the rhythm action genre.”
Adds Zuby Ahmed, SmashMouth Games’ Managing Director: “SmashMouth Games is incredibly pleased to partner up with Blitz Games Studios. We are very excited about the release of Ongaku, which we hope people of all ages will enjoy, especially with the many customisation features the game has to offer. Together with our educational links with The University of Salford and being based at Futureworks Manchester School of Media, working with Blitz 1UP has helped us to appreciate the importance of the independent developer “
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