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Blind Vengeance Nemesis slices and dices her way onto the Battlefield in SMITE

by: Nathan -
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Well this was a nice surprise.

SMITE didn't get an update this week but we know that the patch notes are scheduled to be released on Friday and the new patch will be released sometime early next week.

We don't know for sure whats in the patch but it might be a huge one. For the past few weeks we have been teased by the developers about a new game mode and a new God, Osiris, but we don't know when they would be released. I have a feeling we may get the new game mode and new god next week. What we did get tonight though was the surprise reveal video for the Blind Vengeance skin for Nemesis. 

No word yet on the price for the skin or if a custom voice pack will accompany it but I am going to guess it will cost around 400 gems. No word also on a release date but I am going to assume it will be released with the next patch. 

Once again Hi-Rez has been amazing as almost all of the recent patches have included an amazing new custom skin for the characters in the game. I bought the skins for Sun Wukong, Isis and Tyr and it looks like I'll have to buy this one as well. 

Here is the reveal trailer for Blind Vengeance Nemesis.