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UK hardware developer Blaze is coming out with a USB-charged Wii remote battery. It plugs right into your Wii's USB ports (or any other USB socket I imagine) and then right into the bottom of your Wii remote, using a tiny port in the surface of the battery.

Nyko has offered some very handy charge solutions for a couple years now and they're set to bring out an induction charger soon, but Blaze's pack lets you charge while using the Wii remote, so it's a play and charge kit of sorts.  I've had my Wii remote die on my in the middle of a marathon gaming session, so hopefully Blaze's battery pack makes it across the pond where I can get my hands on it.

BLAZE Set to Release Rechargeable Battery Pack with USB Charging Cable for the Wii-Mote

Never buy batteries for your Wii-Mote again!

Doncaster, UK – 28th Sept 2009 BLAZE have today announced their soon to be released USB powered rechargeable battery pack for the Nintendo Wii-Mote promising to remove the need to buy batteries potentially saving you thousands!


There is no denying that the Wii-Mote is one of the most innovative breakthroughs in gaming technology of the past few years, revolutionizing the way we play our games and giving us that truly interactive wireless experience.


With all wireless technology comes the need for power, and a lot of it! The new BLAZE Rechargeable Battery Pack with USB Cable gives all the power you will ever need, rapidly recharging your Wii-Mote bringing it back to life with no need to go out and buy any batteries ever again! 


This new money saving device clips perfectly into the back of your Wii-Mote battery compartment without adding any extra size or weight, keeping your controller fully balanced.


Charging the battery pack could not be simpler using the included USB cable. Plug one end into the battery pack and the other into your Wii’s USB connection (or any other USB connection you may have) and the rapid charging process instantaneously begins, revitalizing your Wii-Mote and providing hours of gaming with its long life lithium ion battery.


The BLAZE Rechargeable Battery Pack and USB Cable is coming soon from and all leading video game stores.

For more information please visit the link below:

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