BlazBlue PC brings cross platform play

by: Jeremy -
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Arc System Works is preparing to launch the PC version of their 2D fighter BlazBlue Calamity Trigger in Japan on May 27. THe PC port is coming to the table very late in the game, as the sequel is getting ready to hit consoles within the next few months (in Japan at least). In order to make up for the delay, Arc is packing in some special features into the PC port of the game.

First off, the PC version will contain all of the DLC that graced the Xbox 360 version out of the box at no additional charge. All of the additional character color pallettes and “Unlimited” character versions will not cost PC gamers anything to download into the game. The PC port is also going to support cross platform play with the Xbox 360. The only other game that has done this in my memory is Shadowrun and is definitely a welcome addition in my book. PC players and Xbox 360 players alike will be able to battle it out online through the Live Service.

Here’s to hoping that a US release is imminent...

Source: Andriasang
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