Blast from the past--Sniper Elite zeroing in on Wii

by: Sean Colleli -
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One of 2005's lesser known games, Sniper Elite from Rebellion, will be ported to the Wii later this year. The original game was a WW2 sniping sim that had you playing as an OSS sharpshooter undercover in Germany during late 1945. The game was notable for factoring real aspects of ballistics, such as wind shear and bullet drop, into the combat.

It also launched on the PS2, Xbox and PC five years ago, but we've seen other FPS games get a new kick of realism from Wii controls so I'm actually looking forward to this port. It's interesting to see such an old game get a new lease on life, but I've always enjoyed WW2 sniping (my favorite part of COD World at War was the Red Square level) so I'll probably pick this one up.
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