Blackguards gets its first DLC

by: Jeff -
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On March 4th, Daedelic is releasing the first DLC for Blackguards, as well as an update to the game to balance out certain features.

The DLC, called Untold Legends, offers new weapons, several new quests, and more than ten new battle maps, and twenty-five previously unreleased music tracks. The story explores the background of Takate, the former slave/arena fighter that joins your party in the second chapter. Untold Legends will be $5.99, and be available digitally for purchase through Steam, GOG, the Mac App Store and Gamesrocket. If you purchased Blackguard through retail, you can get the DLC through, and if you purchased the Contributor's Edition through steam, you get it as a free, automatic download.

The balancing update will be patch 1.3 for the original Blackguards game. The patch will give automatically show players their hit chances, instead of depending on skills like warcraft and Animal Lore- this way, you will always know your odds when you attack, as well as showing all of your dice rolls in the battle log. If you purchased the Blackguards Contributor's or Deluxe Editions, you will receive the twenty-five music tracks that are included with the Untold Legends DLC for free when you install patch 1.3, even if you don't purchase the DLC.

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