Black Mesa project looks in the rear-view mirror at 2009

by: Chad -
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Hollywood has been doing it for a long time. Take a classic movie and update it with modern technology. You'll see this in the upcoming Clash of the Titans. How will such a practice hold up when applied to video games? We received a partial answer when Monkey Island was updated this year. It will work if you do it right and go the whole nine yards. Don't slack, don't cut corners.

That's why I've been anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Black Mesa Project.  The plan: re-make Half-life using the Half-life 2 Source engine.   It has been 6 years in the making and they are finally nearing the finish line. They posted a video on Youtube a while back showing some of their work and stating a 2009 release.

That’s beautiful work. Sure, things will be slightly tweaked but it looks like a very faithful update to one of my favorite games.   They did post earlier this month, though, that it was not going to make their self-imposed deadline.  The post mentioned the "near future" which is all we can expect from a volunteer project.

Are there any games that you would like to see get this all-star attention through a modern update? Or is there a certain mod / update already in the works that you’ve been following?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts. 
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