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BioWare to look into adding more to the ending

by: John -
More On: Mass Effect 3
Whether you love it or hate it, the ending of Mass Effect 3 has been a huge topic of discussion lately.  The majority of the fans dislike what was presented and want it changed. BioWare looks like they are going to do that or at least address some of the ambiguity of it.

Travis and I had this very long discussion not too long ago about the ending what it meant. We both liked a theory that would keep the ending(s) intact yet expand on it and also make it a lot more satisfying for fans of the series.

As to the details of said discussion, well it's hard to say without giving away some of the details for those who haven't played. Still, it can be done and I hope BioWare doesn't alienate more fans with their plans.

Of course, another point is should BioWare even touch the ending based on public pressure. I have to say, I don't think it was a good idea for BioWare to "cave" into the wants of the gaming public. They decided this was their decision and they should stick with it through thick and thin. You do want to keep your fans happy, but I think BioWare might be in a no win situation here.