BioWare reveals Vanguard class in Mass Effect 2

by: Tina -
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Oh, BioWare. How you love to tease and torment us with slow-approaching information on Mass Effect 2.

Today’s piece of information on the sequel to the action-RPG is on the Vanguard class. We’ve already had quite a few reveals on classes, but the info and videos don’t stop there.

The Vanguards make use of the infamous biotic abilities in Mass Effect, but also have the balance of weapon training making them close-range attackers. What is unique about their abilities, however, is the Charge attack in which the Vanguard can get to close proximity with their enemies for a good and hefty hit.

Their biotic abilities allow them to rage through all obstacles across the battlefield and plunge into their enemy. This ability can be used both for the offensive, as well as the defensive if you need a quick getaway.

If all else fails, you can always throw a Shockwave at enemy faces to get them out of hiding. You can see the Shockwave action in the screens below.

Hit the video for more details on the Vanguard class, courtesy of Christina Norman, and to see why the Charge attack is so cool and useful.

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