BioWare is back with the next bi-weekly bounty weekend

by: Nathaniel -
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This one is called Mass Effect 3: Operation Savage and runs from 6pm PST on Friday June 22 until 4am PST on Monday June 25.

The Allied goal is to eliminate a whopping 7,000,000 "trooper" level enemies no matter the faction.  That means Cerberus Assault Troops, Husks, Cannibals, and Geth Troopers are your targets.  Your reward will be a standard Victory Pack.

The Squad goal is to extract on any difficulty with a squad using a mix of krogan, vorcha, or batarian classes.  Your reward is the standard Commendation Pack.

Just make sure you have "gameplay feedback" set to on so BioWare knows you took part.

As a fan, I have to say that they've officially jumped the shark with these bounty weekends.  By trying one one of the goals to those new races, they're turning their backs on people who didn't download the DLC or play the game enough to randomly "win" one of those races in a re-supply pack.

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