BioWare has cooked up a War of the Worlds for the Twitter age

by: Nathaniel -
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I'm sure many Mass Effect fans remember the Cerberus New Network updates that ran for a year after Mass Effect 2 came out, and then sporadically since then.  

Well, now, we have the Alliance News Network (@AllianceNewsNet) that's been posting in-universe news items on the BioWare blog and Twitter.  Today, however, they've kicked it up a notch.

Starting about three hours ago, in-universe news anchor Emily Wong started live-tweeting the Reaper invasion.  Starting out with simple tweets about strange communication disruptions, her tweets have since progressed to a first hand account of the Reapers hitting Los Angeles.  

It's, at times, chilling to read.  There's a new tweet every five minutes, but who knows how long it will last.  

Mass Effect 3 comes out in less than 12 hours now.   
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