BioWare employee gives Dragon Age 2 a great review on Metacritic

by: John -
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Whoops. If you're going to give your own game a very favorable grade, maybe it's a good idea not to use a handle that's associated with you so you don't get caught. Then again, you probably shouldn't be commenting on how great your game is on a review site.

Seems an engineer at BioWare has been outed as being the top reader reviewer for Dragon Age 2. Now, it probably wouldn't have been a big deal if if the person said so in another channel and was fully identified as a BioWare employee. They have every right to say their game is complete awesomeness that way. The grey area comes in when you do it in an area that's for user reviewers and is suppose to be based on the public playing the product.

This practice is most likely pretty common though. It's not just in the game development world where companies ask or hire people to leave favorable reviews on sites like Amazon. It still doesn't make it right though, and BioWare isn't the first or last one that will do this. 
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