BioWare brings back Ultima

by: John -
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In a somewhat surprising news, BioWare is bringing back one of the classic IPs and doing it a little differently it seems. Ultima Forever takes a more cartoon approach, from what the web page shows and it's going to be a free to play, cross platform RPG.

As you probably know, they can't use Lord British since Richard Garriot owns the rights to that, but they can use Lady British. Yeah, they're side stepping Garriot's character by turning the person female, but you got to do what you got to do right?

Right now, you sign up for the beta and there's two classes shown: Mage and Fighter. The map does look oh so familiar to me having played many of the games in the series. 

BioWare's a good choice to try to bring back a classic, so let's hope this new take will be a good one for fans of the series and those that are coming into the classic IP.

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