BioWare becomes the latest victim to hackery

by: John -
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If you're a game company these days, you're being targetted to be hacked. The latest one? BioWare.

BioWare has sent out a message that about 18,000 accounts had been compromised. We're talking names, passwords, email addresses, and birth dates. Those that might have been affected have been sent an email and their accounts have been either disabled or had their password reset.

Thankfully, they don't store any social security numbers or credit card information. The server that was hit was one that was associated with a Neverwinter Nights forum and it was a very old server, which could mean that they didn't keep up to date with the patches on that one.

I hope everyone's learning from these hacks, both the consumers and companies. Companies need to be diligent on keeping their server up to date as well as keeping with the best practices on security. Consumers should change passwords as well as use different passwords for various accounts. While online has made it easier to get together with people and interact with others, it's also made access to your information easier for hackers so try and be on your toes about this sort of thing.

EA has setup a Q/A section about the breach if you want to know more.
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