BioWare Pulse details ME3's 4-player co-op

by: Nathaniel -
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A little while ago, Senior Designer on Mass Effect 3, Manveer Heir (@manveerheir) tweeted a new BioWare Pulse video that finally gives some hard information on Mass Effect 3's just announced and highly controversial four-player online co-op.  Highlights:  The multiplayer is being developed separately by a dedicated team at BioWare Montreal; players can increase their chances of getting the "best" ending in Mass Effect 3 by successfully completing co-op missions; and for the first time, players will be able to play as a member of their favorite Mass Effect alien race (Awesome, right?  But won't everyone just pick krogan?).  Anyway, watch the video and decide for yourself where you stand on the issue of online multiplayer invading the Mass Effect franchise.  Mass Effect 3 launches on 3.6.12.

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