BioShock PC demo is coming

by: John -
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if you're wondering about a PC demo of BioShock, then you can go to The Cult of Rapture website and see that they are in the final testing stages for the demo. They wanted to do a simultaneous release but were unable to. Anyways, we should be getting it soon and I might just wait until it's out for the PC to try it.

Here’s the deal.

A BioShock PC Demo IS coming. We tried as hard as humanly possible to get it out to you guys simultaneously with the 360 demo, but we needed to make sure that it was perfect -- that all drivers were ready, and that the game looked great on a huge variety of computers.

Currently, the PC demo in its final stages of testing and approval. We are pushing to get it out to you as soon as possible. It will be out during the month of August, and everyone is working at full capacity to deliver it to you before the game hits store shelves on August 21st. I will also let you know as soon as I have an exact date for the demo's release, so please stay tuned.

I cannot express enough how sorry I am for the wait. Thank you for understanding and your patience. Just remember -- only eight days left till you get your hands on the full game.

I’ll let you know where to get the demo as soon as it becomes available.

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