Bing Rewards now offering Redbox game rentals

by: Dan -
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I have been participating in Bing Rewards for almost a year now and have primarily been using my credits to purchase Microsoft Points.  However, Bing Rewards announced today that gamers have another way to use those credits, with the option to get one-day game rentals from Redbox.  The cost for a basic Bing Reward member will be 240 credits, but if you participate enough to be gold, it drops to 220 credits.  For those unfamiliar with Redbox video game rentals (check out their games page here), they rent disc-based games only for the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 for $2.00 per night (in my area).  Here is the info from Bing Rewards when using your credits for a Redbox game rental:

Redbox has popular, new-release Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 games for cheap. And with over 30,000 locations nationwide, there’s almost always a kiosk nearby. Renting couldn’t be easier: all you have to do is pick your game, swipe your payment card and go.

The one-day video game rental will be awarded in the form of a promo code, which expires on 12/31/12. A payment card is required for any rental from a Redbox kiosk. The code is not valid online or for prior rentals.

While Bing Rewards is nothing more than a tracking and marketing tool, I am ok as in little less than a year I have cashed in my credits for 2,500 Microsoft Points.  If you want to sign up for Bing Rewards, you can do so here.

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