Binary Domain: It’s bigger (and later) than you think

by: Jeremy -
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Sega has released a new trailer for its upcoming squad-based shooter Binary Domain. The trailer, shown below, dives into the emotional aspect of the game. Sega has said for a while that you will be faced with some serious moral dilemmas in the game, which will ultimately impact how the story unfolds, and I think seeing a standoff with gun toting children might be one of them. I know that Sega hasn’t exactly had the best of games recently, but this one looks to be raising their bar above and beyond what people expect from them; then again, looks can be deceiving. We just have to wait to get our hands on it to find out.

Speaking of getting your hands on Binary Domain, Sega has also announced that the game is being delayed until February 28, 2012. It is only a 2 week delay and it makes sense considering how packed the release calendar is for February.

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