Billy Mitchell is King of Kong.. and Jr.

by: John -
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Billy Mitchell's on a roll and he's not taking any prisoners. First, he goes off and breaks the Donkey Kong record that he lost last March. It took him a two hours and forty-two minutes to accomplish this feat and achieving a high score of 1,062,800, besting the previous high score of 1,061,700.

He wasn't done though as he hopped on over the the Donkey Kong Jr. machine and proceeded to whoop that game's previous high score of 1,253,000 by getting 1,270,900 points. That feat took him three hours and fifty-eight minutes. 

So in total, Billy played almost seven hours of two classic video games and came out as the number one on both machines. Pretty impressive feat. Now, we'll see how long these two records last.
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