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Beyond Good & Evil HD still coming to PS3

by: Jeremy -
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Many PlayStation 3 owners, including myself, were discouraged to see Ubisoft’s re-release of Beyond Good & Evil in HD see just one platform included in its release last week, the XBLA. Ubisoft has assured PS3 that there is no need to worry, the game is still coming to PSN later this year.

No more details were included in the statement made by Ubisoft PR to Eurogamer. Ubisoft has also been quoted in various places assuring gamers that a true sequel to the game was still in production and on the way. If you are playing the recenelt released XBLA version, let us know what you think about it in the comment section below; does the game still hold up after all of these years? In the meantime, check out the official launch trailer for the HD version of the game from last week: