Bethesda says more Elders Scrolls coming, just not when

by: John -
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When Todd Howard was talking at QuakeCon about not expecting an Elder Scrolls game anytime soon, he didn't mean that Bethesda wasn't making another one at all. Look, the Elder Scrolls series has been one of the most popular RPGs on the PC and consoles and it would be pretty damn silly for Bethesda not to go back to that IP in the future. They have a few things coming out soon that have their hands tied but if you don't think they aren't doing some preliminary work on the next Elder Scrolls game in some fashion then you're just fooling yourself.

They've been pretty busy popping out DLC for Fallout 3 and now that they are finished they have time to shift some team members around to other projects. Whether it be a new IP or something from their past, you can be sure that when they are ready to unveil plans for a new Elder Scrolls game they will.
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