Bethesda say they own everything Fallout, Interplay says they can do MMO and could do Fallout 6 if Bethesda blocks them from doing so

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There's some juicy little Fallout news today and two sides are firing back and forth. First up, Peter Hines of Bethesda Softworks told VG247 that they own everything Fallout, and that includes the rights to an MMO. This is a little different from what I originally heard as Interplay still held the rights to create a MMO based on Fallout while Bethesda could do anything else.

Eric Caen of Interplay told Eurogamer that that's not true and that they still hold the rights to the MMO and are actively developing it. Also, if Bethesda blocks Interplay from releasing a Fallout MMO, the rights could revert back to them and they could be the ones doing Fallout 6. Caen's is considering Fallout: New Vegas as Fallout 4, but I'm one to think it's just an offshoot. In legal terms though, Interplay can consider it a Fallout 4 as they sold the rights to Bethesda for 3 games and any DLC.

It could get very, very ugly and I do love everything Fallout so I hope this gets sorted quickly and without any bloody mess. Both companies are showing some toughness and we might need some impartial mediation to straighten everything out. We don't want fans to go into a nerd rage over this while both companies show their strong backs in their stances. Let's not be scoundrels and go about this in an educated manner. Get this issue resolved here and now and use some finesse instead of giving a paralyzing palm to any future Fallout development. 
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