Beta test signup for Hellgate in the US now live

by: John -
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Hellgate didn't die, it was taken over by a HanbitSoft and continued to live as a free MMORPG that thrived on microtransactions. It's not until recently that HanbitSoft has the authority to run servers in the United States and they're going to do that soon.

You can now sign up at the website and request access to the beta. It's a closed beta, but you can be chosen as a select few to test the game. After you enter in your information, click on the Gates of Hell picture to open up a window that allows you to request a beta key.

If you don't get in, that's OK as the game's going to open up for everyone soon. I'm actually a little excited to see the game coming back so I eagerly signed up to try and beta test. I wish they'd give those who bought the game something though and, well, maybe they will. Hell, I just might install it again and play a little for old times sake. I just wish Flagship Studios released a server package to us to keep playing, but it is what it is.

With HanbitSoft, they'll continue to develop the game and provide servers to play with. I just hope I don't spend too much money on small purchases to make my character better.
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