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Prime World is primed and nearly ready for the English-speaking world. The Russian multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), hailing from Moscow, has been localized for a western player base and is now accepting closed beta testers. Don't worry: 3 million Ruskies have already put the game through its paces, and three Russian publications stamped their Game of the Year badge on it in 2012. And I've personally never heard of this site, but apparently they liked what they saw of Prime World at E3 2011. Beta testers will likely see a neatly polished real-time strategy game with only a few tweaks needed to clean up its transit to the US across the Bering Strait.

Prime World merges MOBA battles, persistent role-playing game hero development, a castle-building overworld, and an art style striding confidently between World of Warcraft and King's Bounty.

Last MOBA I played was 2009's Demigod, back when MOBAs were called action real-time strategy (ARTS), and back when developer Stardock could still do no wrong. There was an unmitigated amount of heavenly-planed set pieces and hellishly-designed fun factors that, to this day, keep Demigod tucked safe and secure into a warm, smooshy place in my heart. I miss those arenas. Might be time to dip my daintily manicured toes into the MOBA waters once more.
Nival announces closed beta for award-winning Prime World!

Los Angeles, 2013, April 10. Nival has announced beta registrations for their role-playing strategy game Prime World, named Best Strategy Game of E3 2011 by and Game of the Year for 2012 by three major Russian publications, including Igromania.

To get early access to Prime World, please visit  and click "Join the beta" in the upper left.

Prime World merges MOBA battles, persistent RPG hero development and castle building. You can equip and train your hero between battles using collectible and upgradable talents, build a thriving economy in your city, and play together with your friends. You can even start your own clan and fight other clans!
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