Best news ever/worst news ever: part 2

by: Nathaniel -
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A few weeks ago I reported that, according to, French publisher Ubisoft was getting into the movie business.  I thought that seemed like bad news since movie-games are almost always awful.  Well, now, is reporting details about exactly what games Ubisoft Motion Pictures will turning into movies - and the news doesn't sound good to me.

Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon are all being developed into 3D films.  Even worse, if you ask me, is the animated TV adaptation of Raving Rabbids.  The CGI toon series would be comprised of 78 seven minute long episodes.

There is no word yet if these properties will be given serious treatments or if Ubisoft just wants quick cash-ins, however, they have drawn interest from US studios and screenwriters.  

Tom Servo said it best:  "If I run out of puke, can I borrow some of yours?"  I'm just afraid there won't be enough puke to go around.
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