Bengi News Network: Gamers have bigger.... brains

by: Ben Berry -
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Have you ever seen those t-shirts or bumper stickers that have a sexual inuendo related to a chosen hobby or sport? For example, there's the "Hockey Players do it on ice" or "Chess Players do it one move at a time". Well, This dispatch from the Bengi News Network tells us that gamers indeed have bigger.....  brains. That's right, you heard what I said, baby. Dim the lights and turn on the Barry White. Oh, wait. Ok, it said Brains. Well, I guess that's a turn on for some ladies. Anyways our friends at engadget were kind enough to detail a study that not only shows that better gamers have bigger brains, but that they are better learners as well.

This leaves me with 2 puns, equally good so I had to work with both:

1. If better gamers have bigger brains, what does that say about Chuck? (wahhh-wahhh)

2. It's not the size of the... erm, brain.... it's how you learn with it.

Ok, ok, just go read the story.

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