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Microsoft isn’t the only company hoping to reinvent the Xbox 360‘s directional pad this year, Evil Controllers has already beaten them to the punch with an entirely new design. The new Evil Controllers design creates a new style of directional pad using four separate directional buttons instead of the traditional connected pad.

The new controller, which is now available, has been designed to improve the performance of the directional pad inputs in all games, but is particularly useful in fighting games. The new design looks pretty slick and I am particularly interested in seeing how it handles first hand. The one thing that the 360 drastically needs, especially with the sudden influx of fighting games in the market, is a comfortable and accurate d-pad... and Evil Controllers is looking to provide gamers with just that.

You can check out a few shots of the controller below and read the full press release after the jump... 


This new product was created by the CEO of Evil Controllers Adam Coe. The same Evil genius responsible for bringing you Fast Reload and Rapid Fire to your favorite games with high-quality and high-performance controllers unmatched by the rest of the modification community.

Tempe, AZ. (October 2010) – The holiday season is approaching quickly and gamers are getting ready to wait in line for their favorite releases. Halo: Reach has flown off store shelves and we imagine the same will happen with Call of Duty: Black Ops. As a result, gamers will need high-performance controllers with the reliability that matches their skill set. Evil Controllers has created a controller for them.

Evil Controllers, the leading developers of modified controllers, are proud to announce their new product, the Evil D-Pad. For almost 5 years Microsoft has left gamers with an impotent directional pad. A D-Pad so worthless most gamers stopped using it altogether (unless they had to), but that didn't mean game designers had. At Evil Controllers the mad scientists have made their decision to step up to the plate. While Adam Coe is running the show, he's still a serious gamer and he says, “You know, there isn't anything more frustrating then losing a match because the controller didn't respond correctly, and it's funny, because the solution for this kind of problem is so simple.”

From then on Evil Controllers was on a mission, and their redesign promises that all of your inputs are 100% accurate. This controller modification transforms the D-Pad to the core of what it is. 4 buttons. The simplicity of it's design allows gamers to avoid errors made using the traditional axis D-pad to ensure only their intended inputs are registered.

For over two decades gamers have been using these axis D-Pads complacently, but the Xbox 360's D-pad really displays the error of it's design. The problem with these pads are that they've got one big button to push four separate ones. As a result, a gamer's accuracy hasn't rested solely in their hands, but in the design of their controller. By removing the axis that typically connects the 4 directional inputs, Evil Controllers has designed a new controller that is truly a new way to play. One that removes calculated risks, and uncalculated errors.

No more accidental gun swaps, no more accidental leaps in Street Fighter, no more accidents. Period. With this controller your accuracy is fully rewarded. The Evil D-Pad uses point to point player contact with the benefit of absolute precision. When it comes to serious gaming and serious competition you'd be a ridiculous competitor to consider playing without one.

The Evil D-Pad removes all of the random elements from the player's game while increasing functionality across the board. The Evil D-Pad is incredible for first and third-Person shooters, allowing basic maneuvers to be pulled off flawlessly every time. In fighting games the Evil D-Pad's design works as it should, diagonals are activated by pressing two directional buttons at the same time, and thanks to absence of the axis design, player's precise inputs will be rewarded with accurate outcomes every time. While the Evil Ambassadors (our interns) can't agree on everything, there is one thing they all believe unanimously, “Shoryukens have never been easier.”

You can find our Evil D-Pads at and bare witness to the most reliable and most accurate controllers in the industry.

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