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Recoil Games has released a behind the scenes development video for their latest title Rochard. The video provides a sneak peak at how the development tool Unity was used in the creation of the game from its basic beginnings to the finished product. We even get to see the various uses of the tool's physics engine and visual effects. Most development videos are usually pretty dry because their full of interviews and marketing phrases. However, this video was quite interesting to watch primarily for the behind the scenes footage that most developers never release to the public.

Rochard is available now on the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

Today we’re very excited to bring you an all-new video look at Recoil Game’s Rochard, recently released on the PlayStation®Network. Rochard is the first game created for consoles with the Unity development platform and the video, narrated by producer Kalle Kaivola, provides a detailed look at how the developers used Unity and its tools to bring Rochard to life. The video gives some great insight into how Recoil created and perfected the game’s amazing physics engine, and is a rare look behind the scenes at how a game begins, grows during development and ultimately comes together. It’s a treat for anyone who has ever been interested in the development process of titles like these.

You can also read a detailed interview with Recoil Games about Rochard, its development and more over at the game’s Unity page:

Rochard is the critically-acclaimed and award-winning puzzle platformer available on the PlayStation Network. Players take the role of humble astro-miner John Rochard as he uses his wits and everyday mining tools to fend off space pirates, save his team of missing miners and solve the mystery behind the discovery of an ancient alien artifact. Rochard tests players' coordination and wits as they manipulate gravity to their advantage, changing it at will to solve environmental puzzles and advance through each level. By using the upgradable G-Lifter, the main tool of the game, players can lift and maneuver heavy objects around the environment, and eventually swing, jump and propel themselves huge distances throughout each level.

Rochard is the first game authored on the Unity platform for the PlayStation®Network. Unity provides a real-time 3D authoring tool for the video games industry. With a community of developers and with thousands of Unity-authored video game titles available on the Web, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS3™, Xbox 360, and Wii, Unity is the industry's leading game development platform and middleware company. Unity's customers range from small, independent video game studios to large publishers such as Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network. Games like Bigpoint's Battlestar Galactica Online and Electronic Arts' Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online are created with and powered by Unity.

Rochard is available for download now on PSN for $9.99. For more information about Rochard, please visit

For more information about Unity, visit
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