Become an explorer and conqueror in Expeditions: Conquistador

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Danish independent developer Logic Artists is seeking additional backers on Kickstarter for its second published game project, Expeditions: Conquistador. At the time of posting, the project has raised over $63,000 of its $70,000 goal with six days left for additional backers to support the project. Gameplay involves players assuming the role of a Spanish conquistador and followers in a quest of exploration. The developer describes the project's primary theme as revolving around decisions and their various consequences that arise during gameplay. Players can choose their gameplay style by either using diplomatic dialogue or engaging in battle with a turn-based combat system. I've included a list below of the features that are planned for the funding levels.

  • 2 full campaigns
  • 100 random events
  • 10 character classes
  • 8 different weapons (sword, macuahuitl, halberd, huitzauhqui, knife, arquebus, bow, blow pipe)
  • 3 abilities per character class, 2 special officer abilities, 5 player abilities
  • 16 unique items
  • Male and female character models
  • Character ability trees (6-9 abilities per character class)
  • Greater visual variation in the character models
  • A third full campaign set in the Inca Empire
  • 50 extra random events
  • 2 extra character classes
  • 8 extra unique items
  • New Incan character models
Visit the Expeditions: Conquistador Kickstarter page for further details regarding the gameplay and various rewards for backers. The game is planned to be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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