Become a part of Mafia II in "The Story of Frankie Potts"

by: Chad -
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2K has decided on a good way to promote their upcoming video game, Mafia IIClick here to register and take part in "The Story of Franki Potts."  Starting today, players will be pulled into the life of an undercover agent that's learning all about the three Mafia families in Empire Bay.  Throughout the experience, players will gain access to exclusive screens, game info, character histories and even have a chance to win some pretty awesome prizes.  

It's all here so take a few minutes to see if it's up your alley.  Mafia II is scheduled for release this August.

Starting today, you can register to be a part of "The Story of Frankie Potts" - an interactive experience that brings you into the world of an undercover agent learning the inner workings of the three Mafia families in Empire Bay. Over the course of Frankie's operation, players will gain access to exclusive screenshots, in-game info, and character histories. Registered participants will also have a chance to test their skills in four challenge games, competing against other Mafia II fans around the world for a chance to win limited edition swag and the contest's grand prize: The Ultimate Gaming Experience from Sony - including PS3, 60" TV, 7.1 surround sound and a copy of Mafia II signed by the team.

Sign up now at - His story begins today.

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