Because we need more Bejeweled...

by: Jeremy -
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Popcap Games has announced the third installment of the Bejeweled series on December 7, 2010. Bejeweled 3 will retail for $19.99 and be released for the PC with numerous game modes. Some of the modes that will be included in the new game are a 40-puzzle Quest Mode, Zen Mode, Lightning (Timed) Mode, and Classic Mode.

If it isn’t broke, Popcap isn’t trying to fix it; Bejeweled 3 looks and plays just like the previous games which everyone seems to love. The developers have stated in various interviews that they do recognize the importance of keeping the game fresh while maintaining the gameplay and mechanics that the fans know and love. Popcap is also noting that the game will include 4 “secret games” which can be unlocked from within Bejeweled 3.  
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