Be closer to the one you love, in Lineage 2 and City of Heroes

by: Randy -
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NCsoft sent us a rather disjointed and cutoff news alert with two pieces of information on them.  The first announces that character server transfers are now live on Lineage 2 -- but it'll cost you $49.99 to do so (which is about two-and-a-half times the cost of downloading the game in the first place).  Further restrictions apply; namely, you can only undergo a server transfer if you're at least level 40 -- level 80 is the current cap -- and you need to have completed your second transfer quest.

The second piece of NCsoft news alludes at some Valentine's Day events taking place in City of Heroes / Villains.  Resident heroes, Manticore and Sister Psyche will be married in the Training Room (test server).  Also, the annual Spring Fling kicks off with DJ Zero playing host from February 14 - 28.  Which is only slightly odd because spring doesn't begin in the Northern Hemisphere until March 20.  And!  For those love birds that want to express their commitment to one another in a virtual sense, there's a new wedding pack available ($9.99 at the PlayNC Store) complete with two new wedding costumes, occasion-specific emotes (/Emote Propose, /Emote ThrowRice) and -- ahem -- special "Excess Plus, " "Hearts Plus," and "Angelic Plus" hip and chest costume pieces for the ladies.  To subsidize all of this new content, in-game advertisements for Hallmark and Godiva will be plastered across city walls throughout Paragon City. 

Just kidding about the ads.
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