Battlefield 1943 for PC still not available

by: John -
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Although the EA Store shows Battlefield 1943 is available for direct download, a tweet from the Battlefield Community Manager at DICE says that the game is not available and that there's an error in the EA Store. So, those still holding out on getting the game for the PC will have to keep waiting.

Gosh, I have completely forgetting about Battlefield 1943 for the PC. I remember last year's E3 where I played the game, got a free copy of the 360 version at the show, and was excited about the upcoming PC version. The version was pushed to 2010 and the last time we heard anything about a release date, it was said to be early 2010. Here we are with a few months to go before 2010 ends and we haven't heard or seen anything on the PC version in quite some time.

It's probably too late anyways to really get some good sales for the game with all the military shooters coming out in the next month or so. I wonder why it's taken so long to try and get the PC version out seeing as it's a pretty small game.
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