Battle of the Immortals takes a long look in the mirror

by: Chad -
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Perfect World Entertainment has released another video for Battle of the Immortals.  The title has entered closed beta and is already generating a lot of feedback.  Jon Belliss, Product Manager, takes some time to tell us how they are responding to the community.

After watching this video, I'm buying what he's selling.  Battle of the Immortals shows a lot of potential and is generating some buzz around the interwebs.  Do you think you'll give it a try?

With the successful closed beta launch of Battle of the Immortals, Product Manager Jon Belliss gives players a behind the scene sneak peek at what they can look forward to in the open beta as well as what updates are being implemented based on their feedback. From the positive player feedback to media buzz, Battle of the Immortals is looking like it’ll be the next best thing to virtual sliced bread.
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