Batman: The Brave and the Bold is only a month away

by: Chad -
Batman and Red Tornado join up for a mission on Dinosaur island in this latest media blast for Batman: The Brave and the Bold.  Take a watch and see the art style as well as what to expect from the game itself.  Red Tornado is one of the allies that Batman will rely on to save the day, while other playable characters include Green Lantern, Robin, and The Blue Beetle.  

Batman: The Brave and the Bold will be available on Nintendo DS and Wii and features the same voice actors from the animated series.  I may have to borrow my wife's DS to play this one when it's released on September 7.

Smart bombs, Batarangs and belt swords are just a few of the iconic gadgets at Batman’s disposal when teams up with Red Tornado™ in an epic battle at Dinosaur Island.

See which special power Batman™ chooses in an all new vignette for Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame published Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by WayForward. The new vignette spotlights the amazing art style of the game and reveals the powerful abilities of Red Tornado, one of eight different playable DC Comics characters in the upcoming Nintendo DS title. The vignette also highlights the unique pixel representation and layers of depth in the Nintendo DS title. With the same great VO Talent, humor and action of the animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame is an absolute must-have for any Batman: The Brave and the Bold fan.

In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, available beginning September 7, 2010, and playable on Wii and Nintendo DS, players team-up to fight crime with friends as Batman or one of his powerful allies including Green Lantern™, Robin™ and The Blue Beetle™. Featuring the same VO cast, great writing, humor, and action of the animated series, players will explore diverse environment, from Gotham City™ and London to mysterious island laboratories and strange planets.

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