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The exiled populace of Banished launches its city-building future on (right now) and Steam (at noon Pacific). There's something comforting in the understated buildings and the rocksteady pace of the citizen workers. Banished's greatest asset may be its downplayed personality and bland architecture. I wish I could say that without sounding derogatory because the complementary angles of the stick-built homes, industrial construction and steepled churches form a comfortable-looking township where the generations of citizens live, grow old and die, while their offspring carry on the family trade.

Banished, a challenging medieval free-form town-building game, available now for $19.99 on

Medieval Town-building Survival Sandbox "Banished" Releases on DRM-free on! 
Challenging medieval free-form town-building game, available now for $19.99.
Banished, an eagerly anticipated indie sandbox sim, is just the right mix of challenge and reward. With beautiful visuals, instant access to all available structures, randomly generated resources and calamities, and a tough balancing act awaiting the gamer, it promises an entirely different take on an often constricted and automated genre.

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