Banging from Baltimore to Bangkok

by: Chuck -
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The folks over at Firaxis have started podcasting and the first episode is now online. The topic of the podcast is "So you make games for a living" and covers the role of producer in the game (*cough*projectmanager*cough*), testing, as well as a nice talk with Sid Meierr.  The podcast is actually not too bad and certainly miles beyond the dreck that Sony released yesterday. The show is well produced (it helps when you have an audio engineer working on the podcast).

While on the subject of podcasting I highly recommend checking out the Press Start podcast by the guys over at NPR (including Kyle Oreland of Video Game Media Watch).  It's a little more focused on some of the higher level of gaming (the first episode talks about video games as art) but well worth the download.  Of course you should also check out Game On, one of the more established gaming Podcasts out there.
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