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Bane, Clayface, and Nightwing step onto LEGO Batman stage

by: Randy -
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After producing pictorials for Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, as well as Batman and Robin's powersuits, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently uncloaked hero Nightwing, along with two new villians, Clayface and Bane, from upcoming LEGO Batman: The Videogame.  We've got pics and short bios for this newly-unveiled trio.



REAL NAME:                            Unknown

OCCUPATION:                          Professional criminal

BASE OF OPERATIONS:          Gotham City

EYES:                                      Unknown

HAIR:                                       Unknown


Born a prisoner for crimes committed by his father, the child who would become Bane survived cruel solitary confinement in a Santa Prisca prison.  During his long lonely years, he developed incredible powers of concentration, and, once released into the prison population, studied every book he could get his hands on.  After nearly four decades of imprisonment, he was chosen for a military experiment with the drug Venom, which greatly enhanced his strength.  Escaping, he sought out Batman to prove himself to the world by destroying the greatest specimen of mankind.  Bane broke Batman, but the Dark Knight went on to recover and defeat Bane.



·         Master strategist

·         Enhanced stamina

·         Enhanced strength

·         Superior hand-to-hand combatant


Powers and Abilities:

In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Bane has the ability to pass through toxic gases unharmed as well as super strength, which allows him to carry and throw huge objects.




REAL NAME:                            Basil Karlo

OCCUPATION:                          Former Actor, Professional Criminal

BASE OF OPERATIONS:          Mobile

EYES:                                      Brown

HAIR:                                       Black


Initially an actor in horror films, Karlo went mad when he learned a classic film of his was to be remade.  He donned the mask of the film’s villain, Clayface, and killed several of the remake’s cast and crew before being stopped by Batman and Robin.  Later, Karlo joined a collection of villains who subsequently used the name Clayface in an alliance that came to be known as the Mud Pack.  While that group was defeated, Karlo tricked his allies, injecting himself with the essences of several of them, becoming a superhuman imbued with the abilities to change shape, melt others into protoplasm with a touch, and mimic the powers of heroes or villains he copies. 




  • Clayface can alter his physical form, adopting the appearance of anyone or anything. 
  • If those whose appearance he adopts have super powers, he copies those as well. 
  • His touch can reduce an enemy to proptoplasm.


Powers and Abilities:

In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Clayface has the ability of super jump allowing him to jump to heights unattainable by other characters and even make his body elastic to reach higher characters. Clayface also has the ability of super strength, enabling him to pick up super strength objects and smash super strength walls.


REAL NAME:                            Dick Grayson

OCCUPATION:                          Police Officer

BASE OF OPERATIONS:          Blüdhaven

EYES:                                      Blue

HAIR:                                       Black


After his circus aerialist parents were murdered by criminals, young Dick Grayson was adopted by Bruce Wayne, becoming his ward...and his partner in the war against crime as Batman's sidekick, Robin.  Years later, Robin struck out on his own as Nightwing and now lives in the corruption ridden city of Blüdhaven where by day he serves as a member of that city's police department...and patrols its streets by night as Nightwing.



·         Expert in most known forms of martial arts

·         Trained in all aspects of criminology

·         Trained gymnast

·         Trained in stealth and espionage techniques

·         Expert escape artist


Powers and Abilities:

In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Nightwing is a bonus character, he can also utilize all of Robin’s technology suits.